Lacoste campaign

  • 28/06/2022
  • pakosouthpark
  • 2 min read

New Lacoste campaign emphasises the brand’s ageless style Via a series of print ads and commercials, Lacoste demonstrates how its clothes will make you look cool, whatever age you are!


Created by BETC, the new campaign features unusual pairings of people, who have met by chance yet find themselves in the same outfits.

A skater is shown in the same bucket hat as a little girl; a young guy is shown in the same bright pink Lacoste polo shirt as an older woman; and a man and woman exchange glances as they realise they are wearing the same ‘socks and slides’. What unites them all is a sense of confidence and laid-back charm.

The print campaign is shot by Ronan Gallagher, who brings a documentary style to the shoot, which largely features people who were street cast and hadn’t modelled before.

The same feel is taken through into the TV spots, directed by Laure Atanasyan, which are set to the soundtrack of Apache by the Sugarhill Gang. The sunny and light-hearted vibe of the campaign is perfect to guide us into the summer.

Agency: BETC
ECD: Florence Bellisson
Art Director: Agnes Cavard
Copywriter: Antoine Gauquelin
Production Company: Kitten
Director: Laure Atanasyan
Photographer: Ronan Gallagher