Coat of Arms | Salesforce World Tour

  • 28/06/2022
  • pakosouthpark
  • 1 min read


Salesforce World Tour | Director’s Cut from Coat of Arms on Vimeo.

Pack your bags for this project with Salesforce! You’ll join us on a quick trip through Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, London, and Washington DC.

Created for Salesforce World Tour as the show open for their conference, this is our director’s cut! Follow adorable characters through vibrant textured scenes brought to life by our team of even cuter creatives. Are you hopping on the plane, boat, or train first?

Thank you to our team for letting us travel the world via illustration/design and animation!

Client: Salesforce
Senior Manager Motion Design: Lawrence Wyatt
Associate Creative Director: Tyler Warrender
Associate Manager, Strategic Events: Angelica Andreotti

Creative: Coat of Arms
Creative Direction & Producing: Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque
Design Direction: Ryan Butterworth
Associate Producer: Grace Lawson
Art Direction: Aaron Ray
Design and Illustration: Peiqing Lu, Aaron Ray, Vrinda Zaveri
Additional Design: Whitney Lam
Additional Illustration Assets: Paul Rogers
Design for Lower Thirds and Transitions: Friedrich Detering and Vrinda Zaveri
Animation: Susanna Basone, Sam Bass, Ryan Butterworth, Mantas Grauzinis, Mette Ilene Holmriis, Peiqing Lu, Arthur Metcalf
Sound Design: Jonathan Lacocque
Music: Andre Magalhaes