Animals dressed like people

  • 20/04/2013
  • pakosouthpark
  • 2 min read

“What do you mean, there’s already too many bulls in the club? That’s me-crap, bro.”

We all think we know what kind of animal we’d be if we weren’t human. This author would be a fox: solitary, crafty, and a rare breed. This author has also discovered that about half of everyone also thinks they’re a solitary, crafty and rare fox. So, pretty much everyone is wrong. Knowing your soul well enough to judge your spirit animal is hard, but we all know how we dress. Maybe our clothes say more about us than we really know. That’s the idea behind Yago Partal’s Zoo Portraits, where he matches various animals up with their (men’s) spirit outfit. Sorry, ladies, we’re sure (100% sure) someone will do this for you if they haven’t already.

Crap. We forgot foxes are way too cool to be us.

“Yes, I was going through your trash, but only because I thought I saw a mandolin.”

Sloth is really excited about his web startup. Unfortunately, his technology is from 1996.

This just confirms our suspicion that we never, ever want to hang out with giraffes.

Is it weird that this viscerally reminds us of Alec Baldwin playing Jack Donaghy?

This guy does does. He does lots of does.

“I could never live in the city, man. I got sun, mud, & shrooms in the woods. It’s great.”

“I blog for industry events like SXSW, E3, Bonnaroo, CES. Which industry? Blogging.”

“Sometimes I think I’m just living out a stereotype. Do you like Faust?”