Copywriters vs Art directors

A series of minimal illustrations shows the differences between copywriters and art directors. This series showcased in a facebook fan page and labelled itself as “The eternal dispute between Copywriters and Art Directors”.

    • The software.
    • One without another.
    • The keyboard
    • What the account manager wants from us.
    • The Dream Pet.
    • The text doesn´t fit the layout.
    • How do we know pop culture.
    • The vintage version.
    • Starting from scratch.
    • When the age comes.
    • The insight.
    • The colors.
    • What my mom thinks I do.
    • The reason for our anger.
    • Reading time.
    • The brush.
    • The tatoo.
    • The Moleskine.
    • The App.
    • The working body part.
    • The Dream Job
    • The Tool.
    • The Machine.



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