Poseidon Underwater Sea Resort

Poseidon Underwater Sea Resort, near the Fiji Island is world’s first sea floor resort. This resort was developed and conceived by president of U.S. Submarines, L. Bruce Jones. He said that this idea came from his wife. He gifted this resort to his daughter on her 16th anniversary. These resorts are developed up to 40 feet and are linked through the water tunnels.

The resort accommodates its customers’ desired experiences by providing three lodging options: above ground, over the water, and below the ocean’s surface. There are 48 bungalows and villas on Poseidon Mystery Island for those that don’t feel ready to take the plunge and prefer to remain on the beach or just above water.

Alternatively, there are 24 suites underwater for the adventurous types that seek to experience a submerged view of the 5,000-acre Fiji lagoon. It reminds me of the undersea restaurant in Maldives that offered a similar experience to celebrate its five-year anniversary.

Guests gain access to their underwater suites through an elevator that transports them 40 feet undersea. Approximately 70 percent of each room is encased with a 4-inch thick clear acrylic that allows vacationers to look out at the coral gardens that surround their room. They can even interact with the marine life in the proximate environment. At the push of a button from their “control console,” guests can feed the fish around their suite. In addition to the unique living quarters, the resort boasts a number of amenities that includes a full-service spa, fitness center, and library.


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