Check this great pots and bowls out!

Black Ruby is a series of pots and bowls made from recycled rubber- powder.

Wijskamp developed a new way of working with this material, and created small ‘pebbles’ as ‘buildingblocks’ for this collection.

And recently I found these images that don’t look great at all for our planet, imagine what this woman would have done with the tires.. Recycling stuff is the future!

Since she was a little girl, Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp (1984) is interested in interiors and creating things. After her graduation in 2009, she has been operating her design practice in her studio in Arnhem.

Now she is designing and producing her own collection of (interior) products and other objects,
and is open for collaboration with companies and other designers.


See more at: http://www.debbiewijskamp.com/black_ruby.html

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