Debuting in 2009, QisDesign is part of Qisda, a leading Taiwanese tech firm whose revenues in 2010 reached US$3.03 billion. It’s staffed with talented and experienced experts in all critical areas of design: industrial design, graphic design, market research, user interface, mechanical design, computer-aided design and prototype production.

QisDesign’s excellent design capabilities have won it accolades of many international awards. Albeit young, QisDesign has won a total of 101 international design awards, including Germany’s iF awards and Red Dot awards and Japan’s G-Mark award

Rising beyond traditional boundaries, their design amazes consumers by bringing them a sense-rich experience. Based on their brand philosophy–“Imagine another possibility”, they combine innovative technology and sophisticated design to achieve perfection. They aim to deliver a unique experience, not only fulfilling consumers’ desires but also stimulating their imagination.

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