Dubai new hotel

Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology has unveiled the latest of Dubai’s outlandish architectural endeavors — the Water Discus Hotel — which is to be comprised of a series of sci-fi styled discs, one of which will be positioned 21 stories underwater. Offering guests a view directly into the Persian Gulf from the beds of their modest two-person rooms, the hotel is to be constructed by shipyard firm Drydocks World. In addition to the unusual accommodation, the proposed hotel is to include a diving center, underwater tourist vehicles, a spa, garden areas, an above-water terrace, and a helipad for guests.


Dubai had announced plans to construct a different underwater hotel, Hydropolis, in 2006. Projected to cost 300 million pounds to construct, it would have stood as one of the world’s most expensive hotels, home to an array of facilities including a cosmetic surgery clinic and a marine biological research laboratory. After a series of delays, the hotel remains unbuilt. In the intervening years however, Dubai has embarked upon a staggering array of peculiar structures, including the soon to be surpassed world’s tallest tower their now infamous island atlas, which last time we checked, is still sinking.

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